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Savannah Waving Girl
Between the years of 1868 to 1943, Florence Martus was widely known to Savannahians and sailors of the sea as The Waving Girl. The story goes that she lived in a cottage along the river with her brother, George, and her devoted and best friend, her collie. Life was lonely for the young maiden, and she spent her time waving a handkerchief to the passing sailors, who in return, waved back, or blew their horn. She continued her waving tradition for 44 solid years. There is a lot of unsubstantiated speculation about Florence having fallen in love with a sailor who never returned to Savannah. The facts, however, about why she started and continued the waving tradition for so many years remain a mystery. On September 27, 1943, the SS Florence Martus, a Liberty ship, was christened in her honor.